Small group lessons (2-4 people) in which we relax while we chat (textbook optional!)

Textbooks can be chosen by the students for use in the class, however the teacher provides recommendations. We often recommend textbooks that level up and build off of previous progress, such as ones from Cambridge University Press or Oxford University Press, but we will tailor the class based on student’s wishes and needs.people of a small group!

Feel free to invite your friends to the class!

You and your friends ARE eligible for the referral discount (see the pricing page for more details,) when you want to bring a friend to chat with in the same class! We encourage the chat groups to be friendly and warm, so it is welcome!

Family friendly!

Some chat groups will be designated “kid-friendly” for parents of small children, who want to experience conversation class without having to arrange for someone to look after their children. Classes are generally grouped according to English level and social situation. Please ask us about the makeup of each class, or come try it out for yourselves in a trial!