Please select the course type for more information. Note that families/students who are enrolled in more than 1 course will pay 1000JPY less every month (for every course after the first,) and students do not have to pay the registration fee twice.

Family course ”Mommy & Me”

0-3 years old course with guardian present. A music and movement class.

Our study course “Kid’s Class”

From 3.5-4 years (able to use a pencil) and beyond. All kids (even older kids) will have a curriculum designed for them.

2 hour playgroup  “K.A.N.A. Kids”

From around 3 years, to around 10 years. (Potty-trained age)

Adult course”Tea and Chat”

An enjoyable conversation-based class with textbook provided (optional.) Drinks are served throughout. Beginners and advanced welcome!