Not your everyday eikaiwa!

For starters, our entire first floor is used for the English classroom. We have an office, library/lounge, restroom and spacious playroom (31 tatami) dedicated to guests and students. Our family lives on the second floor. We teach English much like we would teach our own children, from our own home. We have quite a bit of experience teaching young children in Japan, having taught at a preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school for years.

Unique reading-based curriculum, supported by tried and tested books and texts

We have personally-developed curricula for our courses. The playgroup focuses on natural, casual learning through crafts, roleplay, interactive learning, and activities. The kids class focuses on a more intensive, yet fun, reading and phonics based curriculum which starts from picture books and gradually builds vocabulary, grammar, and phonics. The adult class is a mix chatting and textbook format used at some of the more effective eikaiwas, but is specifically altered for the students` needs.

We have courses from infants to adults!

While the bulk of our teaching experience lies in teaching infants and children, we also have experience with teaching adults at various Eikaiwa around Japan. We enjoy a casual and fun chat when possible, so we have the `Tea and Chat` course for adults. Infants and their families are welcomed in the morning for `Mommy and Me`, a music and movement class. Children starting from the ABC/hiragana writing age (3-4yrs average) are welcomed into the `Kids class` and can continue and level up for 7- 10 years before needing to transfer into an advanced adult class. And finally for those families and kids just looking for a casual chance to play in English and learn naturally we have a 2 hour playgroup, `Kana kids`.

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