Ideal for kids who want to learn English casually!

Kana Kids is a 1 hour playgroup, and we  will English through playing, books, crafts, roleplay and crafts. We aim to improve the communication skills by learning English in groups, and create a FUN environment where kids can learn English without textbooks or homework.

There are two types of playgroups: A and B

A-type playgroup is for those who do not yet have the confidence to study English. The curriculum is based for nen-sho of kindergarten but we usually have ages 3-5 in here. It is a very fun class designed to build English listening skills, while encouraging them to speak English in a fun setting!

B-type playgroup is only by invitation or interview, because a certain level of English is required to preserve the environment. Consisting of advanced students of many backgrounds, this class speaks to each other in English as they play too, never using Japanese.

Anyone can participate as long as they meet basic requirements!

K.A.N.A Kids is an active class, and will have crafts, roleplay and lots of fun! Even children who are scared of English class tend to enjoy. Generally the ages will be from 3yrs-12yrs. Because we want to be with the children watching and teaching, we cannot accept children who always require assistance with the toilet at this time. Please ask us if you are unsure!