Name: Jesse
Country: United States of America (native)
University: Bachelors of arts, University of Texas at Dallas

Hello, my name is Jesse. and I am the teacher and resident at K.A.N.A. English Classroom in Sugano-Yawata.

Since coming to Japan over 5 years ago, I’ve been teaching English. For the last 3 years I have taught at a kindergarten and nursery every day, and love working with kids. I have also taught both adults and children at various eikaiwa as a part-time job throughout the years. With this experience, my friend and co-founder and I are trying to change the way children are taught English in Japan. We believe a system in which children who have attended English class for years just to be able to translate simple words like “apple,” “cat,” and “dog” is neither acceptable nor useful. We intend to teach our students just like we teach our own children; by developing and encouraging a love of reading, while using those words and phrases learned in the books while we learn and play in class. Our philosophy is to teach our students like we would our own children.

We look forward to sharing our English home with you, and seeing you grow in English as a part of our family.



K.A.N.A. English classroom staff




I handle most of the English things. My lovely fiance handles most of the Japanese and assists in class.