Infants and toddlers as young as 0yrs old can participate with the family!

    Whole family can participate together!Only 1 fee for whole family!

    Mother, Father, Grandfather, Grandmother, baby, brothers, sisters, all can come together! Even if a mother comes every week with 8 kids, its still just the one fee!

      No registration fee ever!

      Mothers are free to converse with other local mothers and relax in the library after the lesson if they wish.

        Infants as young as 0 yrs , toddlers, and young children all benefit!

        The catchy songs and movements associated with the songs are easily remembered and repeated often, learning just from listening , watching, or participating. The music involves movement and fingerplay as well, so it assists in developing motor skills while they learn. Plus, it is a very active and fun class!