Learn in the same method as native children!

In the kids class, some of the teaching materials used are also used in 80% of public schools in the United Kingdom. A curriculum was formed using books at the pace of reading 1 book every 2 weeks. Initially starting from picture books with zero words, the books VERY slowly increase in difficulty at a pace of 3-7 new English words per book. The beginner class will have read 24 books and can read and understand approximately 44 words (plus over 100 picture words from the accompanying textbook) at the end of one year. The second level increases this number to over 200, and so on. To have fun and reinforce comprehension, we ALWAYS do fun activities based on the book’s theme. For example, the book “I see” will have several roleplay activities/songs/crafts using that language (creating goggles from craft to use in “I Spy” games, “I see something” color song, etc)

Can start serious learning of English around the same time you begin learning Hiragana!

It is recommended to begin English education as early as possible. For example, studies show that even children who are raised in native English require about 12 years of exposure before becoming “native” level. You can expand the choices and possibilities of learning later by starting early, and keep the difficulty of the material matching the age of the student.

A curriculum that allows you to always see your child’s progress!

We strongly recommend that children read to their parents at home, and for that reason we give books to take home. When your child can read the book to you and explain it to you as you ask questions, they are displaying reading, speaking, and comprehension skills to you. When this happens, please encourage them and compliment them!